Recipe: Spicy fried river prawn

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy fried river prawn


Ever since I contacted LG, I have never seen him go to the kitchen. I have heard that when I am single, I often cook myself. I also invite a few buddies to gather at home. Every time I want to lie to the kitchen and give me two dishes. But this person is not fooled, but also keeps saying that his cooking is too bad, can only be displayed in front of people who will not cook, so as not to damage the image in my mind, hey, whether I am coercive or not, or Stalker, this person is qualitative, hard and hard to eat! However, after he got married, he changed his normal state. When he was interested, he ran to cook from time to time. Even if I slept on the weekend, he would consciously run to the kitchen for breakfast. The taste is not bad. Well, so now I occasionally deliberately steal lazy, sitting there waiting to eat LG dishes, I feel so good, huh! This spicy fried shrimp is the work of LG. This is a river shrimp I bought very early, very fresh.



  1. Small river shrimp must be washed and drained

  2. Put oil in the pot, filter off the peppercorns after the musk

  3. Put it into the river shrimp and fry it and turn it into a red buckle.

  4. Put the oil in the pan, dry the chili and ginger and minced musk

  5. The red pepper is fried for a while.

  6. Pour the fried small river prawn, add salt, sugar, cooking wine, pepper and stir fry

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