Recipe: Spicy fried rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy fried rice cake


The spicy fried rice cake that I made was not particularly attractive because of my eager anticipation at that moment, but the red fire looks warm and welcoming in this cold winter. In the air, the sweet and spicy taste of Korean hot sauce is scattered, and a rice cake wrapped in red oyster sauce is bitten, soft and glutinous, with a hint of vegetable. But after all, I feel that I have lost a taste, and I don't know which one is missing.



  1. Cut the vegetables into your favorite strips or chunks

  2. Rice cakes boiled in water

  3. Add two spoonfuls of Korean hot sauce and continue to boil over low heat

  4. Until the soup is thick, go into a variety of vegetables and continue to stir fry

  5. Adjust the salty taste, add the onion, add a few drops of sesame oil to the pan, eat hot

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