Recipe: Spicy duck gizzard

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy duck gizzard



  1. The duck plaque is bought and washed several times with alkali repeatedly, and then washed several times with the flour, so that the treated duck plaque is not only clean but also has no odor.

  2. Mix all the above materials and mix them in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

  3. After pickling, remove the duck gizzard and place it in a ventilated place until the surface moisture evaporates.

  4. Cut the marinated duck gizzard into thin slices, cut the garlic cloves, slice the garlic, ginger, minced pork, slice the carrots, and cut the carrots for use.

  5. Put the oil in the pot and add the spicy sauce.

  6. Add garlic, ginger, garlic and saute

  7. Keep the fire, put the duck breast and carrot together and stir-fry until cooked.

  8. Finally add some sugar, cooking wine, dripping 2 drops of sesame oil, sprinkle with chili flakes and green garlic, stir fry evenly.


1. Buy the duck carp and wash it several times with the alkali repeatedly, then wash it several times with the flour. The treated duck plaque is not only clean but also has no odor. 2, the key to making delicious duck chops is to marinate in advance, and the curing time can be longer 3. The marinated duck gizzard is slightly dried and then fried. The taste is very good.

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