Recipe: Spicy diced fried edamame

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy diced fried edamame


It is said that there are two kinds of cockroaches, one is facial and the other is crisp. The cockroaches I bought this time are crisp, and the starch content is small, which is suitable for frying. I made a spicy glutinous rice, think about the edamame soon after the season, and added the edamame with the fried beans. Yesterday, I brought this dish with work, lotus root fragrant and edamame, it was very good.



  1. The lotus root is peeled and cut into cubes, rinsed several times to drain

  2. Soybean kernels are boiled in boiling water for two minutes.

  3. Heat the wok and put in the oil, add the peppercorns and dried chilies, and then remove the oil after the oil temperature becomes high.

  4. Put in diced and edamame stir fry, add salt

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