Recipe: Spicy cuttlefish

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy cuttlefish


Spicy rice, good hands



  1. The cuttlefish is washed to remove all kinds of impurities. It is best to tear off the inner white membrane and drown in the water. Slice the onion, slice the garlic and ginger, cut the green pepper and cut it.

  2. Hot pot cold oil, small fire into the pepper, dry pepper musk, then add the garlic onion section to stir the scent, add a spoonful of Laoganma sauce slightly fried

  3. Pour in the squid and the pre-cut green red pepper, add a little oyster sauce, sugar and white wine.


Laoganma's sauce itself is very salty, and the oyster sauce is also salty. It is generally not necessary to add salt separately. If the salty taste is not enough, add a little salt. There is no oyster sauce in the home, or you can add a little old color.

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