Recipe: Spicy chicken feet

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy chicken feet


Eating chicken feet while brushing Korean drama, life is so happy



  1. Chicken feet bought and thawed, cleaned and spared

  2. Cut all the chicken feet to the nails, and the surface of the chicken feet can be opened with a knife to make a taste.

  3. Put the water in the pot, put in the chicken feet, add the appropriate cooking wine, and boil. There will be foam and it will be opened with a spoon.

  4. Rinse again with cold water and drain

  5. Prepare the required materials. If you like to eat ginger, you can also cut a few slices of ginger for use. Garlic, chili.

  6. Pour the oil in the pan until it is 50% hot, pour in the garlic (or put other spices according to your own taste), stir fry, then add the chili, bean paste, continue to fry

  7. Pour in the right amount of water, add a little salt and sugar, then add the chicken's claws. When the soup in the pot is almost the same, you can cook it!

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