Recipe: Spicy cabbage seafood hot pot

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy cabbage seafood hot pot


The picture records the first second of the yu pot This is a work of tribute to the seafood hot pot of Rainbow siktang. .



  1. Salt hydrolyzed frozen model prawns, hot water washed cold water, shiitake mushrooms

  2. Wash cabbage, smashed into pieces, sliced ​​bamboo shoots

  3. Cabbage and bamboo shoots are laid in a casserole, topped with spicy cabbage (also cut well)

  4. Adding water to the material (sufficient skill can be added)

  5. During the heating process, the shiitake mushrooms are cut into thick slices and thrown into the pot. The model prawns are also thrown up.

  6. Boil a portion of the soup into the bowl

  7. Continue to cook, add salt, add soy sauce,

  8. You can eat cabbage next to the stove.

  9. You can put fish balls or something when you eat out of space.

  10. If the soup is not enough, you can add it at any time.


1. Model prawns should be eaten at last. 2. If you are a quake player, then the problem of casserole advance is no longer a problem. 3. Sitting around the gas stove is more happy than being around the induction cooker 4. Convenient and cheaper than hot pot, you can also finish the soup (in fact, soup is the focus) 5. Teacher Xia sent a congratulatory message, mainly because the thing was sour, hot and warm.

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