Recipe: spicy beef

Home Cooking Recipe: spicy beef


Yesterday I saw the Sichuan hot braised beef noodle made by the kitten. It was more and more appetizing. I got up early in the morning and went to the market to buy a large piece of beef ribs. The price is really a lot. Last year, it was still ten. A few dollars a pound, this year is 20 yuan a pound. I bought two pounds of beef, stewed a large pot, and even divided the soup with meat for 3 servings. I left one for dinner at night. The remaining two were packed in sealed boxes and placed in the freezer of the refrigerator. When you take it out, you can take it out quickly, stew potatoes, beef, or make beef noodles like a kitten. It is very convenient.



  1. Cut the beef into chunks, cut the onions, cut the onions, and dry the leaves, grasses, peppers and hawthorn into the bag.

  2. Let the beef block cool in the water pot, boil for 3-5 minutes after the fire is boiled, remove the beef pieces from the boiling place in the pot, and control the clean water for use.

  3. Put the oil in the pot, add the onion, onion, garlic, ginger, dried chili and star anise

  4. Stir-fried until the onion is soft, put into the Pixian Douban, stir fry the red oil

  5. Put the beef pieces in the control water, stir fry evenly, pour the appropriate amount of soy sauce and soy sauce

  6. Put a small spoonful of sugar, add the right amount of water, and then put the package

  7. Put the beef block and soup into the inner pot of the hot pot. After the fire is boiled, cook for another 15 minutes, put it into the outer pot of the hot pot, cover it for about an hour, and season with salt before cooking.


If there is no hot pot, you can cook it directly in a wok. After the fire is boiled, turn it to medium heat for about 1 hour. Or use a pressure cooker to suppress it.

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