Recipe: Spiced spicy beef jerky

Home Cooking Recipe: Spiced spicy beef jerky



  1. Soak the beef in the water for more than 3 hours to remove the blood.

  2. Put the raw beef into the pot and boil the blood. (Do not cook for a long time, feel the blood is almost out)

  3. Pick up the beef grains after a few minutes of cooking, drain

  4. Pour oil into the pan, a little more

  5. After the oil is cooked, turn the fire a little and put the drained beef into the stir fry

  6. The oil in the pan has become clear (indicating that the water has been removed)

  7. Note that it has always been used in medium and small fires. Stir-fry until the beef turns dark brown, and feel the beef has been fried, you can pour out the excess oil in the pot

  8. At this time, you need to prepare chili noodles, pepper noodles, allspice, cumin powder, sugar, sesame and salt.

  9. Put the salt into the pot and mix well, then add other seasonings and mix well. (The fire has been opened to the minimum at this time)

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