Recipe: Spiced red rotten duck liver

Home Cooking Recipe: Spiced red rotten duck liver



  1. Duck heart, duck liver with water to soak in blood, boil water, drain water

  2. Add boiling water to the skillet, put seasoning: onion, ginger, red pepper, allspice (was bought pepper, star anise, mountain, clove, cinnamon in the pharmacy directly powdered, very pure) soy sauce, salt, red (Home-brewed red yeast wine), transferred to red spiced red glutinous soup. Braised soup is subject to no material

  3. Put the duck heart and duck liver into the skillet, boil over high heat, and cook for about 30 minutes on low heat. After the fire is turned off, the material continues to be immersed in the marinated soup and sliced ​​when eaten. Duck liver slices while eating, topped with spicy red oil

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