Recipe: Spiced kidney beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Spiced kidney beans


Kidney Bean is a nutritious food, but its grain contains a toxic protein that must be destroyed at high temperatures. Therefore, eating cowpea must be cooked and cooked to eliminate unfavorable factors, avoiding harm and better exerting its nutritional benefits. .



  1. After washing the white kidney beans, soak them in cold water for more than 4 hours until the surface wrinkles.

  2. Pour the white kidney beans into the pressure cooker, put the other raw materials together, add water to the beans no more than 10cm, cook over high heat until the steam is changed to medium heat, press 15 points. The clock is off fire. After the cool, remove it. If the water is too much, the taste is too light, you can open the pot to let the water evaporate, and then add some salt according to your taste.


1. If you use the general pot, the beans need to be soaked for one night in advance. When the water is cooked, the amount of water has not exceeded 20cm, and it takes about two hours to soften.

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