Recipe: Spiced beef jerky

Home Cooking Recipe: Spiced beef jerky



  1. Large chunks of raw beef are boiled in water for five minutes, boiled and boiled, and cut out the strips.

  2. Pour all other materials into the beef (I add it arbitrarily, there is no calculation, but the spice powder is very much, the salt should be put carefully, because the soy sauce and soy sauce will be more salty), mix well, freeze and marinate for 12 hours.

  3. After marinating, spread it on a plate, simmer it in the microwave for a minute and a half, and take it out, you will find that the beef is out of the water.

  4. Take out the beef and don't use water. Put it in an oil-free pot and dry it. Put it in a dry dish and simmer it in a microwave for a minute and a half. The beef will be out of the water and dried in a pot. At this time, after two times of stir-fry, the outer layer of beef will be dry.

  5. Spread the tin foil on the baking tray, spread the beef, preheat it at 300 degrees, and bake for 25 to 30 minutes.


The finished beef jerky will be much smaller than the raw beef. The high protein is completely oil-free and can be made into spicy or curry.

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