Recipe: Spanish sausage tomato mushroom risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Spanish sausage tomato mushroom risotto


You don't have to deal with any suitable in advance. The overtime dog that is suitable for hot work and wants to cook for yourself is actually very casual, but it is so delicious in the rice! Half an hour before work, I thought about eating. I thought there was a tomato in the house, a glutinous rice pot that I had never used, and I bought mushrooms and white wine in the box horse. Get off work and get home half an hour to finish!



  1. Garlic pressed garlic, onion diced, tomato cut 1.5cm wide square small small pieces (do not like the skin, please tomato cold water peeling), mushroom slices. The rice is clean.

  2. The pan must have a pan, the bottom is bigger, and the mouth is lighter. The oil burns seven or eight percent of the heat, followed by onions and garlic. (The oil temperature is too high, the garlic is easy to focus on.) After the saute, the butter is cooked, the mushrooms are fried and half-ripe, the tomatoes are fried, the pork is cooked, the water is discharged, and the rice is lowered. This time is buttery.

  3. The fire can be opened up, stir fry for 3-5 minutes, the rice will become full and fragrant (an important step, otherwise you will cook for a long time to cook). The water in the tomato juice has become more and more, and the juice is slowly collected. The fire is a little bit smaller. Put the black pepper and continue to fry the rice. I feel that the rice has become bigger, this time is rice.

  4. Spread the rice evenly and pour the wine without rice. Then stir again and then spread evenly (help the wine completely wrap the rice) in the middle of the fire, cover the lid, 10 minutes. (Everyone has different firepower and always pay attention to whether they are burnt or not)

  5. Open the lid when the juice is ok. The rice that completely absorbs the wine is still half-lived, but now you can put salt (you can add some chili powder if you like spicy), then stir it again. This is the last stir fry before the pan. If you find that the bottom of the pan is a little bit It’s a quick experience. At this time, if there is no problem with salty taste, then pour a white wine or clean water (if you like acid, add wine, do not like acid, add water or soup, I believe you have no soup, huh, huh) just did not have rice. Put sausages. Medium fire for 10 minutes.

  6. After receiving the juice, the taste of the sausage also entered the rice kernels. Turn off the fire, sprinkle parsley, cheese powder.


Anyway, you should always pay attention to your own pot and paste, you can't paste it before the last stir fry!

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