Recipe: Spaghetti with seaweed

Home Cooking Recipe: Spaghetti with seaweed



  1. After washing the jellyfish skin, cut into filaments and put in a large bowl and soak for 1 hour with warm water.

  2. Cut the garlic into minced meat and put it into a small bowl. After washing, the bitter is washed in three stages.

  3. Cut pork loin into silk, add cooking wine, a large spoon of seafood sauce and mix well.

  4. Pour a little corn oil into the pot, put the pork in the pan and let it sit

  5. After the jellyfish is soaked, put it in warm water for 2 times, put it on the bitter, and put the fried pork.

  6. Mix the remaining seasonings with a small bowl of garlic and mix well, pour over the chicory and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

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