Recipe: Soymilk version of apple puree

Home Cooking Recipe: Soymilk version of apple puree


Super simple soymilk version of apple puree, but unexpectedly delicious!



  1. Fresh apples, washed, peeled, peeled, nucleated, cut, throwing soya-bean milk machine, in fact, apples in old age can be, but the more fresh, the more fruity~

  2. Add soy water to the soya-bean milk machine (depending on your taste, the water will be added to the apple juice. I like the taste of the puree. Just add a small amount of water to the soymilk machine and just turn it up.)

  3. The focus is coming! ! ! Soymilk choose rice paste / mung bean file, not directly juice, choose the function that can be heated and cooked. Press the start and wait for the call of the puree!


The soymilk is different from the direct juice. The apple is cooked first and then the "decomposed pulp" is more mellow, and the color does not change due to oxidation. Please be sure to dispose of the apples so as not to affect the taste. Except for the extra things of apple and water, it is absolutely healthy and natural. No sugar, but not sour, I don't know if it is related to Apple itself. It’s hot when you’re done, and a warm cup is perfect for winter. After the cooldown, the slightly thick acidity drops, the smell and the taste are like the green packaging of the four-packed puree sold in the supermarket (the brand forgets to remember only to eat very well). My household is a beautiful soya-bean milk machine, which is a long time. I don't know if other brands will make a difference. Put six or seven apples, the finished product is just enough for three adults to eat, please adjust according to the specific circumstances:) Finally, the late night slag background technology-free mobile phone party really wants to take it beautiful QAQ.

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