Recipe: Soymilk noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Soymilk noodles


The food that one lives in is mainly based on streamlining. Cooking often leaves, so often the following. I don't like people who use chicken and boxed chicken soup. The soup below is not fresh enough with water. So I thought of using soy milk. In my hometown of Fujian, there is a local snack called soy milk powder. The fresh vermicelli is cooked with soy milk, served with some simple side dishes and a fritter, which is the local's favorite breakfast. I rarely go to Jianye, and I rarely eat this snack. I have never been impressed with it. I have researched such a way to eat soymilk at home, and I am proud to give it to my mother. My mom said that the Jianye people next to us don’t all eat this way. It seems that my taste also has local characteristics? After trying several matching methods, I found that the soymilk noodles are really versatile, so I don’t feel awkward when I eat. But there are still a few of the most common combinations I use. There are: Meat: chicken, fish, crab sticks, fish balls, beef balls Vegetables: mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, tofu, small rape Noodles: rice noodles, egg noodles, dried noodles You can also eat some small dishes like peanuts.



  1. Material washed and diced

  2. Below, boil other materials (cooked mushrooms, fish balls and ginger first, then the fish fillets are basically good, the fish fillets are very ripe, the color is good)

  3. Microwave oven heating soy milk

  4. Seasoning with soy milk and white pepper

  5. Load noodles and other materials


It should be noted that it is best not to cook the noodles and vegetables directly in the soy milk. Cook the noodles and vegetables with water. After that, put the soy milk in the microwave and let the noodles and vegetables go down. If you cook the soy milk directly in the pot, the soy milk and other ingredients will sometimes form a small piece of grain, like the state of protein precipitation. In short, it is better to cook separately.

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