Recipe: Soybean sprouts fried pork skin

Home Cooking Recipe: Soybean sprouts fried pork skin



  1. Prepare a piece of pig skin

  2. Preparing yellow bean sprouts

  3. Cooked pork skin

  4. Cooked pig skin cut into even strips

  5. Frying pan to heat oil

  6. Put in pig skin and stir fry

  7. Put the washed bean sprouts into the stir fry

  8. Add dried chili

  9. Add a little soy sauce

  10. Add a little salt and continue to stir fry to serve


The main component of the protein contained in pig skin is collagen. Secondly, elastin. It can be converted into gelatin during cooking. Gelatin can bind many waters to enhance the physiological metabolism of cells. Effectively improve the physiological functions of the body and the water storage function of the skin tissue cells. The cells are moisturized and kept moist. The amount of cells bound to water is significantly reduced. It will dry out the skin. Desquamation. Loss of elasticity. Wrinkles. Pig skin is sweet and sweet. It has nourishing yin and nourishing phlegm. It also clears heat and pharynx. It also delays aging and anti-cancer.

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