Recipe: South milk sesame egg powder

Home Cooking Recipe: South milk sesame egg powder



  1. Sauté black sesame seeds in a small fire, let cool

  2. Flour into the flour

  3. Take two teaspoons from 70 grams of clear water and pour them into the South Milk.

  4. The crushed South Milk is added to the flour, and the eggs and the South Milk are mixed with the flour with chopsticks.

  5. Add oil and stir with chopsticks

  6. Add water, it is recommended to stir while adding, do not finish it once, adjust the amount of water according to the amount of water absorbed by the flour, add water to the side

  7. Knead the dough into small dough, the surface should be similar to the hardness of the dumpling skin, add black sesame

  8. Slowly knead evenly, let the black sesame evenly distribute in the dough; place the kneaded dough and let it stand for 5 minutes.

  9. Divide the dough into 4 portions, sprinkle the dough on the chopping board, take a dough, use the rolling pin as thin as possible, the thinner the surface, the crisper the fried egg

  10. Cut off the edges, arrange them into rectangular pieces, cut them into small pieces with a knife or scraper

  11. Each small rectangular dough folds in half, cut a knife in the middle, don't cut too close to the head and tail

  12. Cut the dough, open it, take a cut from the middle, and pull it slightly on both sides.

  13. Put the oil in the pan, heat it to the heat, put it into the egg noodles, simmer for half a minute, and then turn it into a small fire and fry for 2~3 minutes. (The time of the fried is increased or decreased according to the thickness of the egg. The thinner the thinner The shorter the egg is blown up, the more yellow the color can be picked up.)

  14. Eggs are yellowish and need to be fished out. After cooling, the color will be deeper.

  15. After letting it cool down, re-burn the oil to heat, put it in the egg, and fry for half a minute.

  16. Remove the egg, drain the oil, put the oil on the kitchen paper, eat it after cooling, and it will be crisper after cooling.

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