Recipe: sour soup with beef

Home Cooking Recipe: sour soup with beef


The practice comes from Douban May The biggest secret of making sour soup is the sour taste. There are two ways to do this online, one is to use yellow pepper sauce and the other is to use lemon. My last practice is to use pickled pepper sauce + lemon; it is estimated that only lemon can be used, but only the pickled pepper sauce will be lighter.



  1. Wash the mushroom and cut off the root. Ginger and garlic slices.

  2. Hot pot cold oil, small fire fried fragrant ginger garlic millet spicy.

  3. Add the stock to boil (water can also be), add yellow oyster sauce, salt, and a small amount of soy sauce to taste.

  4. Soupia plus enoki mushroom, the water is boiled and then poured into the fat beef roll.

  5. After the beef is discolored, cut the lemon and squeeze the juice into the soup (it will be more acidic if used alone, half or so is enough), and finally sprinkle some pepper sauce on it and it will be OK.


If the material is too small, you can fry the lettuce, bean sprouts, etc., and pre-paste the bottom of the bowl after frying. It is reasonable to say that the mushroom should also be fried first and the bottom of the bowl. I am too troublesome to put it directly in the soup. When you first pick it up and spread it underneath, the effect is the same.

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