Recipe: Sour soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Sour soup


Winter is a favorite for heavy-tasting dishes :)



  1. Saute the onion, ginger and garlic in a frying pan;

  2. Add tomato slices and stir-fry with diced pepper (you can also use soy sauce to combine acid and spicy);

  3. Put some pepper water, hand itching and then throw the two peppers to abuse...

  4. Stir-fry, add water and simmer for a little, for ten or twenty minutes, drip white vinegar;

  5. Boil the boiled water, add some salt, and cook the mushrooms and enoki mushrooms separately, and lay them on the bottom of the bowl in turn;

  6. It is best to filter out the various slags in the broth;

  7. Throw the pieces of fat beef (I am lazy, a glimpse) into the top layer.

  8. Finally pour all the juice into it;

  9. Put some green onion, minced garlic, dried chili on top, and heat some hot oil.

  10. DONE!


Because there is already a lot of salt in the pickled pepper and the pickled pepper, so the acid soup does not need to put salt. You can taste the salt before the sliced ​​meat, and add it as appropriate.

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