Recipe: Sour soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Sour soup


They are all commonly available ingredients and are a popular dish in restaurants. Sour and spicy, appetizing for dinner. Difficulty factor: coefficient of time consumption: ????????



  1. The soup pot is boiled in cold water and fat cattle (without thawing). After the Flammulina velutipes is rinsed, remove the adhered roots for use. Wash the tomatoes and cut about 3mm thick slices. Yellow pepper, green pepper, pickled pepper, ginger and garlic are ready for use.

  2. After the water is boiled, remove the floating foam and remove the fat beef slices for use. After the Flammulina velutipes are cooked, remove them and put them on the plate for use.

  3. Take the wok into the base oil and heat it. Add ginger and garlic. Into the red pepper, green pepper, tomato stir fry until the tomato red juice. Into the fat beef, cooking wine, pepper and water just did not have all the ingredients, stamped for 2 minutes.

  4. Uncover the juice into the pickled peppers to the extent of the favorite, turn off the fire into the salt, sugar, vinegar and season the pot and pour it on the mushroom.


1, the degree of hot and sour can be adjusted according to personal preference, hot and sour can put more two pickled peppers, like mild and can add more sweet and sour. The choice of pickled peppers is not limited, the two vitex, millet spicy, wild mountain peppers are all OK. 2. Try to clean when you are floating foam, because you will use this water to cook the mushroom.

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