Recipe: Sour radish duck soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Sour radish duck soup


Last time I drank the duck, I only served it with stewed onion ginger and red dates, which was quite fragrant. This time I thought of the sour radish that I had not eaten for a long time in my own kimchi jar, so I took a bowl to match the stew. It is indeed a delicious taste of the soup, sour and fragrant. Although I was the first to make sour radish stewed duck, this light and sour taste made me fall in love with it. The information said that the four seasons often drink sour radish duck soup, can clear the heat to reduce fire, nourishing yin and tonic, diuretic swelling, moisturizing the intestines, nourishing yin and kidney, enhance physical fitness.



  1. The ducks are washed, peeled and cut into large pieces, rubbed in boiling water to remove blood stains.

  2. Rinse the drowned duck with running water and drain the water.

  3. From the oil pan, sauté the onion ginger and pepper, and simmer in the duck

  4. Sautéed sour radish, stir-fry until scented

  5. Cook the cooking wine, add the unused hot water, add a little sugar to taste, boil over high heat

  6. After thoroughly rinsing the floating foam on the surface of the soup, turn it into a casserole, add red dates and simmer until the duck meat is soft and rotten.


1. The duck has a lot of oil and is hidden under the skin. It can remove the thick part of the oil directly when handling the raw duck. It can also clean the surface oil after the soup is stewed. 2, boiling water licking duck block, can effectively remove blood and odor; 3, running water to wash the floating foam is also very important to remove the smell; 4. After the fire is boiled, pour the floating foam on the surface again, and the soup noodles are thoroughly cleaned before being transferred to the casserole; 5, the addition of sour radish can also effectively neutralize the taste of the oysters, making the soup exceptionally delicious; 6, duck meat is difficult to stew, if time is limited, you can transfer to the pressure cooker for half an hour; 7, the acid radish has a certain degree of saltiness, pay attention to the amount of salt.

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