Recipe: Sour cabbage with fried skin

Home Cooking Recipe: Sour cabbage with fried skin


This is a hometown dish (Hunan cuisine) that was super loved in high school. Invincible to eat.



  1. Cut the sour cabbage, cut the garlic and ginger, cut the onion with green onion. The shallots are soft and the dried peppers are cut. The millet is cut into the right amount.

  2. Pickled pork with cooking wine

  3. From the oil pan, the ginger is minced with minced garlic and the minced meat is fried until it becomes white. Then the green onion and the cabbage, dried chili, and millet are stir-fried.

  4. Stir-fry the skin, and finally add a little soy sauce, salt, sugar, MSG (do not like to eat, I love anyway) seasoning. You can also pour some sesame oil before the pan


If the cabbage is salty, put less or not salt. Powdered noodles are fine. The 10-day cabbage is not very sour, you can soak for a while.

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