Recipe: Sour and Crispy Pickled Cucumber (Cucumber Salsa)

Home Cooking Recipe: Sour and Crispy Pickled Cucumber (Cucumber Salsa)


I don't know where this is the dish. Seen in the British magazine of Vegetariana But delicious is the most important!



  1. Wash the cucumber, do not peel, cut into a long slice and cut the rectangular sheet (as thin as possible), put it into a large bowl, (wear disposable gloves) and grab the sea salt evenly, put it for 10 minutes;

  2. Pour out the marinated salt water, rinse it several times with water, and then squeeze the water from the cucumber by hand (use a kitchen towel or strainer), then put the cucumber strip into another large bowl and add it to the squeeze. Stir the lemon juice and sugar, and sprinkle with sesame seeds to eat immediately. If you like the taste is more crisp, put it for a few hours before eating.

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