Recipe: Soup, chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Soup, chicken soup


Do it often. Let me write it... Simple, a little trick~ Chicken soup, whoever is not too difficult to drink, but there are also bad!



  1. Mushrooms soak in water in advance. It is better to use dried shiitake mushrooms, fresh, no Medela reaction, no fragrance! If you do not exceed 10 mushrooms, chicken soup is impossible to become mushroom soup! Don't worry that mushrooms will cover the taste of chicken soup. The amount released is correct and will only be fresh. Ginger slices, garlic peeled off, the old hen washed and cut. Tips: Freshly slaughtered chickens should be placed in [half an hour]. If you can't get the pot in time, you can take the plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator (about 4 degrees Celsius) for 24 hours. The old hen can't just kill a few hours before cooking! Because the animals release the toxins slowly after they die, the meat is more unpalatable and unhealthy. 'An animal has a rigid process after the death of (slaughter). You should be familiar with Conan growing up from a young age. The post-mortem ripening process of meat is the process of waiting for the completion of the stiffness period. The acid-discharging meat is passed through the post-mortem in low temperature conditions. The matured meat will be softer and tenderer than the meat that has not been matured. However, in terms of nutrients, there is no significant difference between the acid-exposed meat and the ordinary meat. Reference: Concept analysis of acid-discharging meat, 翟美茹, etc. Structural protein changes in sour meat, Li Lan will wait, meat industry supplement: Many people ask low temperature refrigeration to cry cold, why is it called acid? (In fact, I did not find the source of this name, I guess: p) Because, after the animal dies, the tissue begins to lack oxygen, undergoes anaerobic metabolism, and accumulates lactic acid in the muscle tissue (the same principle as muscle soreness after anaerobic exercise). When the meat is left for a period of time, lactic acid decomposes. Therefore, this kind of low-temperature refrigerated meat is called sour meat. The dead body usually starts within 30 minutes to two hours after death. The meat retention in the rigid period is reduced and the hardness is increased. It may not be very tasty. After a period of storage, under the action of tissue enzymes, after a series of biochemical effects, the stiffness is relieved, the meat is soft, and the elasticity and water retention have a certain recovery.' The deeper mechanism of the situation is that both muscle contraction and relaxation require energy, and the most direct source of this energy is an unstable high-energy compound in muscle cells: adenosine triphosphate, also known as ATP. The sugar in the muscle is continuously decomposed to produce ATP. After the muscle is commanded by the nervous system, the sarcoplasmic reticulum (the main storage site of calcium in the muscle) releases Ca ions, so the extracellular Ca ions enter the cell to make the concentration of calcium in the cell fluid. It raises and eventually causes muscle contraction. Then, under the action of calcium pump, the Ca ion in the cell is discharged to produce muscle relaxation, and the whole process is reversible. After the death of the cow, the metabolic environment of the body changes, and the sarcoplasmic reticulum disintegrates. The content of ATP is also continuously decreasing. A large amount of Ca ions overflow into the cells and the muscles continue to shrink. At this time, ATP is gradually depleted and the muscles can no longer be relieved. , So they are in permanent rigid state. If the slaughter of cattle excessive panic and struggle will consume more ATP, also makes spasticity in advance. '

  2. The chicken took the boiling water for 2 minutes and picked it up. (Ignore the following paragraph within half an hour after slaughter: If you have time, pay attention to it. You can soak the cooked chicken in clear water for 1 hour before flying water, so you can go to the sputum and blood.)

  3. Put 1 scoop of oil in the hot pot, add the ginger and garlic cloves after burning. Add the chicken nuggets and stir-fry for 5 minutes. High-temperature oil Stir-fried chicken, soup will be more fragrant ~ Still the same: Medura reaction! Avoid direct boiling, so the soup is easy to be meager, not delicious. If you prefer to cook directly, please try to cook the whole chicken. Do not cut. The pot is selected from the soup pot that does not run out. The casserole is the best.

  4. Pour the fried ingredients into the stockpot and add the water, mushrooms, chestnuts and shallots at room temperature. (It is not recommended to use tap water without deep filtration. Poor water quality will affect the taste of the soup.) After boiling, turn to low heat, 煲90-180 minutes, usually 90 minutes is enough, look urgent. If you reveal a leak during the period, it will not be fragrant. (I like the chestnut ^^ in the chicken soup when I was a child.) Last 15 minutes Turn the fire into the oysters and salt. Salt recommended Himalayan rock salt with a bitter taste. Don't stir the salt, there will be salty taste! Super fresh chicken soup is out of the pan! Take the rice bowl~


1: Freshly slaughtered or sour chickens. 2: Casserole & Any pot that does not run out of gas. 3: Less water, soup will be thicker 4: Water is added once: water weight = 2 times the weight of the chicken. If there are various problems (such as the pot is not good, the fire is too much etc.), resulting in too little soup in the back, add water in the middle of the water, please add boiling water. 5: If the water quality is not good, it is recommended to use a sweet mineral water soup.

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