Recipe: Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Soup


I looked at other pro-writing, it seems that this is not the practice, it is estimated that we are here, Su Xichang is this burning method.



  1. I bought a fresh clam, and there is a layer of black hair on the outside. When I go to the hair, I usually think of removing the entire outer skin. In fact, I don’t need it. There is a layer of light-colored skin under the hair that protects against oxidation. Use a knife to gently scrape off the layer of hair, leaving the skin

  2. After washing, cut a little bigger so that all are the same size.

  3. Take a big pot, put it in the pot, add water to it, then put in the edible alkali, probably put a big piece of fingernails enough, cover the lid

  4. Ignition, after boiling, will find that the enamel gradually turns red, which indicates that the alkali plays a role. Put the cockroaches out, pour all the water, re-add cold water, then add sugar, put it in your own taste, cover the lid and continue to cook

  5. After the cooking is all soft and rotten, the soup will have a light pink color. My picture is darker because I added brown sugar. If the parents like it, they can add some


Alkali has a special aroma, but it is not good for the stomach, so it should be dumped after boiling. The edible alkali can also help the clam to be softer when it is burned.

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