Recipe: Soft fried shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Soft fried shrimp


The soft-fried shrimp is a traditional Shandong dish, which is basically the same as the soft-fried loin. The dish is required to have a golden color and a crisp outside. Because the shrimp is very hydrated, it is better to do the paste than to make the soft fried loin. The texture of the shrimp is relatively crisp and easy to break. Be careful when hanging the paste. Generally, when I am doing this dish, I basically don't buy ready-made shrimps. I buy fresh shrimps with skins and peel them off. In addition to being big, fresh shrimp is also very important.



  1. After the shrimps are cleaned, use salt, cooking wine, pepper, and onion ginger to make a base. After the eggs are broken, add the dry starch and mix them into a paste. Add the oil to the steamer and cook until the heat is 60%. The shrimp sticks into the pan and fry until After the golden color is set, the plate can be removed and the table is served with salt and pepper.

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