Recipe: Soft fried sardines

Home Cooking Recipe: Soft fried sardines



  1. The sardines are thawed, the scales are cleaned, the inside of the fish is treated, and the spare is washed.

  2. Put the appropriate amount of salt, cooking wine and ginger into the cleaned sardines and marinate for about half an hour.

  3. The surface of the marinated fish is evenly covered with a layer of flour.

  4. Pour the appropriate amount of cooking oil into the pot. When the oil temperature is 70% hot, put the sardines in a small fire and fry them on both sides.

  5. Wait until it is fried to golden brown.


Sardines, also known as sardines. The small one is two inches long, the big one is the ruler, the lower jaw is slightly longer than the upper jaw, the teeth are not obvious, the back is pale and white, the meat is beautiful, and it is mostly used for canned food. Sardines have amazing nutritional value, a can of sardines is like a nutrient-rich power station, rich in phospholipids That is OMEGA-3 fatty acids, protein and calcium. Phospholipids have a promoting effect on brain development, and pregnant women can supplement them appropriately. In addition, a large amount of calcium and minerals are suitable for people of different ages. It seems that the meat is delicate, and only one fishbone sardine is not so delicious. The five edible values ​​of sardines below are not enough reason for sardines to become a tabletop.

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