Recipe: Soft fried oyster

Home Cooking Recipe: Soft fried oyster


It’s another year of deciduous yellow. Are you loaded with the harvest season? Reap your mood, harvest your dreams, let us continue with positive energy! Today, I will tell you the secrets of the single-faced paste on the night! Use this batter whether it is fried eggplant or fried tenderloin or fried fish, it is suitable! Today I brought [soft fried oysters]



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: First wash the oysters

    First wash the oysters

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Add salt and allspice to pickle

    Add salt and allspice to pickle

  3. Home Cooking Recipe: Equal amount of starch and corn flour stir well

    Equal amount of starch and corn flour stir well

  4. Beat the eggs into the mixed starch and cornmeal and adjust to a batter. Stir well until there are no granules, then add a small amount of soybean oil and stir again.

  5. Add enough soybean oil to the pot

  6. Put the oysters one by one in a good batter, please don't pour it in the batter!

  7. After the oil is hot, put the oysters with batter

  8. Discoloration can be fished out (this is the first fried, not fried)

  9. After all the oysters have been fried, heat the oil in the pot again.

  10. Put the fried oysters in and fry until golden.

  11. Plate loading


The batter can't be adjusted too dry or too thin. If you add an egg too dry, add a small amount of water.

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