Recipe: Soaked bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Soaked bamboo shoots


I have always liked the sour bamboo shoots in Guangxi~ Guilin rice noodles are sour and sour, the taste is a bit crisp Once obsessed with it~ I used to have a sour bamboo shoot when I went to eat rice noodles, and I bought a pound from the rice noodle shop and went home haha. After understanding it, the practice is very simple, just recently fascinated by pickles, and an IKEA sealed can is useless, use it quickly.



  1. Remove the fresh bamboo shoots, wash and dry the surface. The sealed can is also washed and dried

  2. Place the bamboo shoots in a sealed can, then top up the boiled and naturally cooled tap water

  3. Sealed well, naturally sour after two weeks


Bamboo shoots can be cut as needed, the whole process can not be oily, otherwise it will deteriorate

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