Recipe: Snowy bamboo shoots fried rice noodles (super fast food)

Home Cooking Recipe: Snowy bamboo shoots fried rice noodles (super fast food)


I really like my mother's fried fried cabbage skin, I don't know how my mother did it. Anyway, I thought about a super fast way.



  1. A piece of powder, cut into small pieces. (A pack of snowy bamboo shoots corresponds to a powdered skin, and later I bought two powdered skins and couldn’t eat it)

  2. Pour the oil into the pan. After the oil is hot, put in a packet of snow-baked bamboo shoots, stir fry a little, and add the flour. If the oil is too much, it will not stick easily. Stir-fry until the powder becomes transparent. (Taste the taste, see if you want to add salt, the snow-baked bamboo shoots are salty, and I don’t add salt when I have a mouthful.)


Must eat it once, it’s not good to be cold and then heated.

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