Recipe: Snake egg beef rice bowl

Home Cooking Recipe: Snake egg beef rice bowl


Snake egg beef rice bowl



  1. Sliced ​​beef, release soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar (a little bit), a little raw flour, marinated beef

  2. Put a tablespoon of water

  3. Stirring with chopsticks

  4. Garlic chopped, scallion

  5. Green onion chopped green onion

  6. Juice: soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, black pepper, flavored soybean paste, raw flour, garlic, scallion

  7. Beat the eggs

  8. All ready, put a spoonful of oil in the marinated beef before starting the pot

  9. Mix well

  10. Put a proper amount of oil in the pan, put the garlic, scallion, and fragrant

  11. Pouring sauce

  12. Boil the fire, pour the beef, pour the egg

  13. The fire is boiled, the egg liquid is formed, and the mixture is quickly stirred and turned off.

  14. Sprinkle with chopped green onion

  15. Prepare the rice and pour the smooth egg beef onto the rice.


1. Slice the beef and slice it. It is convenient to take the beef first and take it out. 2, do not put salt when the beef is marinated, remember to put some sugar on it, do not want a lot of raw powder. 3, a spoon of water is very important, lock the beef itself moisture. 4, a spoon of oil in front of the pot, further lock the beef moisture, so the beef is tender. 5, the beef is not fried in the oil pan, first boil the seasoning juice, and then put the beef, similar to hot beef, so the beef is particularly tender. 6, boil the egg liquid, do not cook for a long time, the pot to the fire, 3 minutes before and after, to ensure that the beef is tender.

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