Recipe: Snail meat, Huaishan scorpion soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Snail meat, Huaishan scorpion soup


A member of the conch family is a kind of snail. It is named after the meat is delicious. Taking seaweed as food, it has high nutritional value and is loved by people who like seafood. The snail is rich in protein, inorganic salts and multi-vitamins. Huaishan medlar is served with chicken feet and snail soup. Its scent is fragrant and delicious. The effect is nourishing yin and strengthening bones. It is both a family standing soup and a beauty treatment. Indispensable for replenishing The scent of the soup to the half of the snails screamed, and the spirit and appetite of the whole family were raised. Oh, I am looking forward to tasting. The result is lively and the taste is very sweet and sweet. I really can't wait to hope that I can share this soup with me!



  1. The rotor blade was flooded with water for 20 minutes in advance. Then cut it into strips with scissors.

  2. Fly the ribs to the water.r(Flying water: Boil the material with water for 3-5 minutes. After boiling, pour off the water. Rinse again with clean water. Mainly to remove the smell of the material and blood.)

  3. Take out the other contents of the soup bag, soak them for 5 minutes, clean them, put them together with the ribs and the snails, and add the appropriate amount of water. Boil the soup with a large fire, then simmer for about 2 hours on a small fire and add the appropriate amount of salt to taste.


The materials needed for this soup can be bought in supermarkets and food markets, pharmacies, and children who want to be lazy. My Taobao shop (Qiao Physician Soup Health and Wellness Museum) has a package of materials that are free of you. bitter! ! ! ! ! ! !

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