Recipe: Snack duck wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Snack duck wings


Suddenly, I want to know what kind of taste the duck's wings can't burn, so I have this attempt.



  1. Put the duck wings into boiling water and heat them to thaw

  2. Remove the duck wings, poke a small hole in the toothpick on both sides of the duck wing (instead of the pad, maintain integrity and aesthetics), then put it in the dish, add ginger and soy sauce to marinate

  3. Pour the oil into the pan. After the heat, add two tablespoons of white sugar to the small fire, add the garlic, pour the duck wings, stir fry, make the two sides evenly colored, pour the water, cooking wine, soy sauce and duck wings. Open to the fire, add to the medium heat after boiling, add a little vinegar, stir fry, continue to heat until the soup is reduced, then adjust to medium and small fire until the soup is dried

  4. Turn off the fire, use the chopsticks to clip the duck wings, set the plate ~ This way, a small snack duck wings will be completed! It can also be eaten as an snack in the office or in a small gathering. Because it is not spicy, I personally feel that it is more suitable for the public. Although it is not spicy, it is sweet!


For a better taste, the duck-boiled clams are better to eat.

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