Recipe: Small fried yellow beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Small fried yellow beef


Since the second brother has grown to the price of the demon king, then give up directly. . .



  1. Wash the beef, shred, sprinkle with red pepper and mix well, place for ten minutes.

  2. Heat the oil pan, pour in the beef and fry until the surface is discolored.

  3. The pot is washed clean, the oil is re-discharged, and the sliced ​​garlic pieces are placed, and the red pepper section bursts with aroma. Pour the beef, release the soy sauce, cooking wine or red wine, stir-fry the fire, and let the wine taste

  4. According to the taste, put salt, pepper, a little sugar to taste, mix well


1. Red wine can make beef tender, and beef tastes better than normal cooking wine. 2. Beef blood and water are more, the first time the fried oil is a little more, after the frying is blood, must be poured, washed the pot and then fried pepper. 3. Pepper is recommended to be ground, and the supermarket has more than a dozen bottles, which is very easy to use. 4. Sugar plays a role in improving taste, and the amount is small.

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