Recipe: Small crispy meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Small crispy meat



  1. First boil the pepper with a small fire, then mash it, so that the scent of the pepper can be released better;

  2. If you buy pork that comes with pork skin, you must first remove the pig skin. Then cut the pork into strips, you can also slice or cut into pieces. If it is cut into pieces, you will need to delay the pickling time according to the size of the meat.

  3. Put in the chopped pepper, cooking wine, salt, sugar, pepper and allspice just mashed, marinate for 20 minutes;

  4. After the pork is marinated, put in eggs, starch and baking powder. If you feel that the baking powder is not good, you can also mix them;

  5. Start the oil pan, heat it until the chopsticks are inserted, and then start to fry the meat, fry the golden yellow, and fish out;

  6. After the frying, increase the temperature of the oil, and then put the freshly fried crispy meat in several times. At this time, the oil temperature is very high and it can be fried for a few seconds.


1 small crispy meat is now best to eat, can be paired with beer or you like a drink, as a snack. The excess crispy meat can also be used to cook soup or cook hot pot.

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