Recipe: Slimming salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Slimming salad


In order to lose weight at noon to eat salad dressing, in fact, the taste is still acceptable hahaha, it is true that this recipe is really guilty, that is, the vegetables you want to eat should be cooked and cooked as raw, chopped Just mix the salad dressing, the top lid runs away~



  1. The ingredients can be diced and diced to cut and shred, as desired

  2. Carrots, sprouts, purple cabbage, corn kernels, peas are cooked

  3. Remove the drain and add the tomato mayonnaise

  4. Eat it!


What kind of food can be put, let's go for weight loss! In fact, the mayonnaise tastes really good, and it can be stuffed with the dish that is hard to eat.

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