Recipe: Simple fried rice noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Simple fried rice noodles


My brother likes to eat fried rice noodles. Every time you go to Wangfujing or Ito, you will have a whole plate of fried rice noodles. Last week, I tried to buy it back and did it once. I felt that I had the confidence to do it again, so I had the second version of the simple version of fried rice noodles. In fact, when I first made it, I added more dishes. It seems to be eating outside. Because the second state of mind is very relaxed, I will be very casual. I will make something that is ready for home. The road is simply fried with rice noodles. Hehe~~



  1. Cut the tenderloin into slices, water starch, a little soy sauce, cooking wine code

  2. Onion shreds, leeks cut into 3cm segments, garlic slices, wild peppers cut into small pieces

  3. Pour the vegetable oil into the pan and heat it to 70%.

  4. Add some vegetable oil to the wok and add the onion and wild pepper.

  5. Put in the river powder and stir-fry, add the soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, salt, pepper and taste.

  6. Put the chopped leeks and the sautéed meat pieces and stir them evenly. The river powder becomes a little transparent and can be served.


1, the old pump can not put more, coloring can be, so as not to affect the beauty and affect the appetite 2, oyster sauce and salt have a salty taste, so be careful to put it, so as not to be too salty 3, the oil temperature of fried meat can not be too high, so as not to get old meat

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