Recipe: Silver fish dried scrambled eggs [云上古村银鱼干·山川湖海]

Home Cooking Recipe: Silver fish dried scrambled eggs [云上古村银鱼干·山川湖海]


Describe our work to others, always make the other person very envious, we are looking for good things to eat everywhere. The most exciting moment is the so-called “resting on the mountain and eating water by water”. For example, in Xishan, Suzhou, fishermen go to the lake to collect shrimp nets. White shrimps are now fished up, and they are on fire in the fishermen’s large earthen stoves. Pour the whole pot into it, then pour the yellow wine along the side of the pot. The aroma seems to vacate and slam on the face. It is really necessary to rush out of the water. There is also the tea-smelling leg of Songyang, cut into thin slices and the new winter bamboo shoots together into the pot, the water can be eaten together, and the more cooked, the more fragrant, no need to add any seasoning, this warm pot can really fresh eyebrows . Every time I tasted it, I wanted to tell a lot of people right away. I hate not being able to pull the best friends right away. The most loved ones come together to have a good time. If it can't be realized, then I will pack it back for you to eat, ok?



  1. A small amount of silver fish is dried in warm water for ten minutes.

  2. Eggs are broken up and salted.

  3. From the oil pan, the dried silver fish is quickly sautéed for a while, poured into the egg and continued to fry, can spray a little cooking wine.

  4. When the egg is formed, it is out of the pan, and the green onion is more beautiful and delicious.


All kinds of scrambled eggs are my love, and silver fish scrambled eggs are among the tallest. When you can't buy fresh silver fish, then you can wait, the silver fish is on the line, the effect is really good. It is also a good dish for calcium supplementation for children. Steamed eggs are also good. The silver fish on the cloud comes from the old fishermen's home in Taihu Lake. The 8 kg of fresh silver fish can only be dried with 1 kg of silver fish. It needs to be exposed to the sun to ensure that the color and fragrance remain unchanged for a long time. Have peace of mind.

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