Recipe: Signature black pepper fried flower 蛤

Home Cooking Recipe: Signature black pepper fried flower 蛤


It is a kind of appetizer, the next meal, and a simple meal.



  1. After the flower garden is bought home, put it in clean water. (I saw online that I put it in a bowl filled with water to let it spit sand. I used this method to find it is useless. Another way is to put a little sesame oil.) The onion is cut into large pieces, and the shallots are cut into pieces.

  2. Pour the right amount of water into the wok. After the fire is boiled, pour a small spoonful of salt. Put the flower pot in the hot water and smash it. At first, you may feel that the shell is closed, but after a short while, you will see it slowly. The shell is stretched out, and the shell is opened to serve.

  3. Prepare a bowl and pour black pepper juice, soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, white pepper, fish sauce, oyster sauce, etc. into the bowl, then pour the appropriate amount of water to mix the seasoning evenly. This is done to get the ingredients to be fully stirred. When I was saved, I was so busy and forgot what to put.

  4. Pour the appropriate amount of cooking oil into the wok, you can pour a little more, the onions are more oily. After the oil is hot, add the dried chili, garlic cloves and ginger slices to the scent. Pour in the onion and stir-fry the sauté. Pour the seasoning juice and the simmered scallions, and add the appropriate amount of salt to continue frying.

  5. Put the black pepper in pieces, simmer it in a small fire, and finally sprinkle it into the scallions.


The black pepper juice itself is salty, so it is added with water, and the sugar can neutralize the taste, but it feels better. (Personal feeling is not sweet, it is acceptable range, if it is not acceptable, please reduce it) Welcome everyone to do ha ~

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