Recipe: Sichuan flavored winter vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Sichuan flavored winter vegetables



  1. After the pork is washed, the pot is boiled until the surface is white and hard, and then the water is taken out for use. Put a little soy sauce on the cooked pork belly skin, and fry the skin until the skin is golden red.

  2. Cut the fried pork belly into pieces 6 cm long and 1 cm thick for later use. Use salt, sugar, fermented bean curd, cooking wine, and sesame sauce to make a sauce.

  3. After washing the salt in the winter vegetables, cut the small portion and simmer the pot for about 5 minutes to remove the water. Ginger and garlic slices are ready for use.

  4. Make a little base oil in the pot. When the heat is 70%, the ginger and garlic will burst into the scent, and the winter vegetables will be sautéed and put into the bowl for use.

  5. The pork belly is evenly dipped in the sauce and the skin is placed down into the bowl. Stir the fried winter vegetables on the top of the meat and steam on the pot for about 2 hours. The steamed meat is buckled into the pan.

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