Recipe: Sichuan-flavored chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Sichuan-flavored chicken


Before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is a good time to eat glutinous rice. This Sichuan-style braised simmered chicken, smooth and smooth, and delicious chicken, can be regarded as a famous dish in Sichuan.



  1. 芋艿 peeled and washed diced

  2. Chicken leg cut

  3. From the oil pan, after the oil is hot, put the pepper, then stir the chicken, stir the wine, and stir until the water in the chicken is dry. See the oil coming out.

  4. Push the chicken to the side of the pot, a small fire, the watercress of Xiaxian County, stir fry red, stir fry with chicken.

  5. Put sugar, soy sauce, soy sauce, allspice, ginger, continue to stir fry

  6. Add water to the pot, add water and add a small fire to the fire.

  7. Squeeze the broth to dry, simmer and simmer, chicken can be smashed.


芋艿 There will be slippery juice during the burning process. If you like this taste, don't worry about it. If you don't like it, you can use a salt stain after dicing, then rinse it with water. Chicken legs are easy to burn, so don't put them in the pot too late.

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