Recipe: Sichuan cuisine 15 "Mao Xuewang"

Home Cooking Recipe: Sichuan cuisine 15


8 hairy and bloody, originated in Chongqing, popular in Chongqing and Sichuan, is a famous Han cuisine, belonging to amaranth. It has been included in one of the Sichuan cuisine recipes, with duck blood as the main ingredient. The cooking techniques of Mao Xuewang are mainly based on cooking, and the taste is spicy. Maoxuewang is a special dish in Chongqing. This dish is to eat hot blood and eat it, and the raw material is the main ingredient. This dish is one of the originators of the leek and rivers and vegetables. Now, the reputation of Mao Xuewang has led the army of amaranth, sweeping the north and south of the river. Spicy temptation has improved and innovated the traditional Maoxuewang, and the characteristics of its soup are bright, spicy and delicious, and the taste is thick and thick. It is worth a quick taste. It is a food produced by the Yunnan minority, which is directly heated and solidified by adding salt to the animal's blood. The common blood is made from duck blood, chicken blood and pig blood. Blood can be eaten directly or combined with other ingredients for secondary cooking.



  1. Raw materials processing hairy belly, duck blood, ham, sliced. The sausage is cooked and cut into a hob. The cow lobes are shredded and the scutellaria is cut into sections.

  2. Let the water in the raw material pot relax and add salt to boil. Put in the hairy belly, pig blood, ham, fat intestines, beef venetian, and sprinkle. After the water is opened, the foam is removed. Take a minute to fish out.鳝鱼 segment drowning for 2 minutes

  3. Stir-fry hot pot, put the bottom oil to heat. Put in the ginger, pepper, dried red pepper section shabu-shabu. Put a small fire into the bean paste, hot pot bottom material, and fry the red oil. Add the sprinkler and water, and boil the slag after the fire is boiled.

  4. Cooked. Pour in the raw materials that have passed through the water. Cook for two minutes on high heat. Add MSG, sugar, chicken, white pepper to taste. Pour into the soup pot filled with watery bean sprouts

  5. Put the garlic, chopped green onion, and dried red pepper on the rapeseed. Put the hot oil in the pot and put the pepper to the scent to remove it. The hot oil is drenched on the dried red pepper, sprinkle with sesame seeds, and simmer the cilantro on the top.


In the 1940s, the Shapingba Ciqikou Ancient Town Water Dock had a surname of Wang surnamed to sell the remaining chopped meat every day at a low price. Wang’s wife, Zhang, feels a pity, so she sells a small stall of miscellaneous soup in the street, using pig's head meat and pork bones into ginger, pepper, and cooking wine with a small fire, adding peas into soup, adding pig lung leaves, fat intestines, taste. Especially good. In an accidental opportunity, Zhang put the fresh pig blood directly into the miscellaneous soup and found that the blood was cooked more tenderly and tasted fresher. This dish is to eat the blood and eat it hot, and take the name of the blood. "Mao" is a Chongqing dialect, which means rough and sloppy. And there are raw materials such as hairy lobes and other raw materials, so the name of "Mao Xuewang" is widely spread. It is one of the originators of Chongqing Jianghu cuisine.

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