Recipe: Shrimp, yellow, smooth egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Shrimp, yellow, smooth egg



  1. Shrimp shelled open back tick, dry starch, salt, a little egg white, then throw two pieces of ginger and grab.

  2. Cut the yellow cuts, add some salt to the bottom of the egg.

  3. Hot pot cold oil, medium and small fire, warm oil (3-4% heat), the shrimp slide to discoloration. Add it to the egg mixture along with the yellow section.

  4. Wash the pot, heat the fire and change the oil to the pot. Under the warm oil, the egg liquid can be cooked.


1. Yellow, shrimp, and eggs are the most delicious things. This dish really doesn't put any chicken essence, let go of your own taste buds. 2. Add a little water starch to the egg liquid to make the finished product smooth and tender. Don't add more handcuffs. You are scrambled eggs, not a quiche. 3. When using water-based starch, try using milk, properly.

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