Recipe: Shrimp white jade mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Shrimp white jade mushroom



  1. The Argentine red shrimp bought by the supermarket is quick-frozen, so it needs to be soaked in cold water. Peel the shell and open the back to the shrimp line, diced, pour the lemon juice to the scent, and set aside.

  2. The green bean corn kernels are also frozen and need to be thawed, then boiled and boiled. (The corn kernels are cooked, and the boiled corn is left in the frozen refrigerator for use)

  3. The white mushroom is rooted, opened and washed.

  4. Sitting on the pot of hot oil, ginger and garlic scent, under the white jade mushroom, will stir up the water, licking the soup to put oil, the taste is very fresh, stir well. Quickly ripe green corn, shrimp. When the shrimp is cooked, put a little salt and stir well.

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