Recipe: Shrimp tomato hot soup noodles, healthy, three meals

Home Cooking Recipe: Shrimp tomato hot soup noodles, healthy, three meals <good meal 8>


My family often practices, warming up, raising a bowl of hot noodle soup, drinking, warm hands and feet, body and mind to relax. Hot food is more able to satisfy the brain's desire for food than cold food, reduce the secretion of ghrelin, and the production of dopamine makes people happy and no longer greedy. It is recommended for people who are overeating, always eating too much, and eating for a long time. After eating this bowl of noodle soup slowly, the effect will definitely be appreciated. Familiar with my old friends, I may find that many things I have recently sent are not eaten before, such as white rice, rice porridge, noodles. This is also a mistake I made when I lost fat: I ignored the combination of carbon and water. There is nothing wrong with fine grains. The wrong way is the method and amount of consumption. The idea of ​​the system is slowly written, and there will be in the future (considering the logic is too rigorous and too brain-intensive, and I don’t want to turn my mind now), I just want to relax and relax here, hey, give a girl who is also fat-reduced but not ready for special needs. Wake up, but also the latest experience. The need to eat fine grains is mainly the ratio of intake time and the ratio of coarse grains. Long-term eating only coarse grains, long-term refers to long-term, 4 or 5 years, there will be some health problems. Note that the keywords are “long-term” and “only”, don’t understand that “it is not good to eat whole grains”. Health, fitness, good body, long-term maintenance, the secret is only two words: balance. No profit or loss, or profit and loss. Other <Good Meal> Series:[Scope of Application] Three meals/nightingale/fitness after fitness 【Applicable people】 Especially suitable for poor digestion of the stomach people. [Number of copies] 1 person. Unit of measurement: standard baking measuring cup, measuring spoon unit 1 cup: 240ml 1 tablespoon: 15ml half spoon: 7.5ml 1 teaspoon: 5ml 1/2 teaspoon: 2.5ml 1/4 teaspoon: 1.25ml 1/8 small Spoon: about 0.6ml Welcome everyone to pay attention to WeChat public number: SunnyKreglo Weibo: Sunny_Kreglo



  1. After the pot is hot, put a few drops of oil, fry the shallots, ginger, and tomato pieces; after the tomatoes are softened, put the wine, a small amount of salt, stir fry a few times.

  2. Use a bowl ready to eat noodles, pick up a bowl of water (how much water you want to eat, how much water or more), pour it into the tomato, boil it, and put it in the noodles.

  3. According to the time of the package, please continue to cook in high and medium heat, stir with chopsticks while cooking to prevent the surface from sticking to the bottom of the pot (the water is too small and easy to stick to the bottom). Before the noodles are completely softened, add the shrimps (the shrimps are cooked early, and they are cooked). After the shrimps are discolored, add the vegetables. The surface is soft and the shrimp is cooked.

  4. After the pan, put white pepper, salt, parsley, and sesame oil. People who like jealousy, add some rice vinegar and have a flavor.


1, when the stomach is not good, the tomato skin is picked out and not eaten; the shrimp can not be digested, and the eggs are beaten into egg flowers. 2, digest people who have no problem, add some edamame, peas, corn kernels can also; can also use miscellaneous grains. 3, do not put too much water, easy to dilute the taste; less water, the soup will have the same thick thick effect; water is the effect of clear noodle soup.

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