Recipe: Shrimp rice winter melon soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Shrimp rice winter melon soup


A simple and delicious soup~



  1. Wash a small amount of shrimp in the water, wash the melon and slice it, slice one or two slices of ginger, chopped green onionrPrepare a little bit of minced meat into minced meat (fat and thin, just to add to the taste of the soup base)

  2. Hot pot, add a small amount of oil, hot oil under the ginger silk shabu-shabu, then pour the melon slices into the stir fry, fry until about four or five mature minced meat and fry until the end of the meat discoloration, add water (the amount of water has not been a little more than melon) ) Fire the boil and add the shrimp, then turn to the small fire and add the lid to cook.

  3. Cook until the melon is soft, add the right amount of salt, and finally sprinkle with chopped green onion

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