Recipe: Shrimp paste head

Home Cooking Recipe: Shrimp paste head



  1. Multigrain flour, slowly add water and knead the dough. This dough is not the same as the white dough, no gluten, so you don't have to think about it as our ordinary dough.

  2. Prepare a bowl of water. Because this dough is very sticky, it needs to keep wet and keep it sticky.

  3. Take a piece of dough, size yourself according to your preferences, just how big you can eat if you are steamed, you can do it yourself.

  4. The index finger is dipped in water, inserted into the dough, and with the palm of the other hand, it is pressed into a slender little hat, and the index finger is pulled out.

  5. The well code that will be done is on the top of the already oiled dice

  6. After the fire, take the heat, continue to steam for about 15 minutes, the cover will continue to suffocate for a few minutes.

  7. Then prepare the fried shrimp paste with this fragrant little nest.

  8. Cut the onion and cut the eggs into the bowl of shrimp paste and mix well.

  9. Green and red pepper diced

  10. Put the oil in the pot, add the diced green onion and stir-fry for a while, pour in the egg and shrimp paste, stir-fry until cooked with a shovel, add the pepper diced, stir-fry for a while and then serve.

  11. Shrimp sauce is served in a small bowl and compacted. Fold the small bowl into the dish and gently remove the bowl. The shrimp paste is placed in a semicircle on the plate.

  12. Put the nest code around, this farmhouse is ready! When you eat, fill the fried shrimp paste in the nest of the nest, one by one, addicted to death! You can also eat some green onions at night.


1, the flour can be deployed by itself, the supermarket has the powder to sell, free to play it. 2, when adding water, slowly add water, avoid adding more at once, water is not good stereotypes. Of course, it is too dry and affects the taste. 3, when making the head, when you get some water on your hand, it will stick. 4, make a small nest with the index finger, make a big one, you can use your thumb, do not stick to the mud.

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