Recipe: Shredded cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Shredded cabbage


Shredded cabbage is a very common dish. The practice and selection of materials are very simple. The cabbage is torn into pieces by hand to keep its original flavor without loss, and then stir-fried with garlic, dried red pepper and pepper. to make. However, although this dish is simple, it is not so easy to stir up the crisp taste of a restaurant at home. Today, I will share with the big guy how to quickly make a crisp shredded cabbage at home.



  1. The cabbage is torn into small pieces by hand, rinsed with water, drained, and cut into garlic.

  2. Pour the wok into the peanut oil, stir the minced garlic, dried bell pepper, and pepper into the pan.

  3. Put the cabbage in the drained water, stir fry quickly, add salt and season the sauce.


1. Frying and tearing the cabbage, it is necessary to stir-fry quickly, and it is too late to get the water to the cabbage, so that it will taste immediately and the nutrient loss will be less; 2, the cabbage is a relatively good vegetable, can be cooked in the fry until 7 minutes, so that you can maintain a crisp taste; 3, the cabbage is hand rubbed or torn open, try not to cut with a knife. Because the rich vitamin C in vegetables is a nutrient that is very easy to lose. For more recipe information, please visit:

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