Recipe: Sheep scorpion

Home Cooking Recipe: Sheep scorpion


Once again, I went to the palace to eat the sheep, and I didn’t say that there was no meat! So I decided to do it myself. I collected a few practices on the Internet. I combined it and tried it once! Actually succeeded! No worse than the king's house! More meat! ! Let's eat! !



  1. When the sheep donkeys are bought, the sellers will be smashed into pieces, and they will go home to boil water and pour a pepper. Put the sheep's scorpion and pepper water in the pool, put on the cold water, and don't pass the sheep's scorpion, soak for more than 3 hours.

  2. Make 2 pots of hot water, put the soaked hazelnuts in the water, put in the water, and remove the floating foam after the water is opened. About 5 minutes

  3. Remove and put in another pot of hot water, continue to drown, there will be floating foam, but also to fight off, about 5 minutes.

  4. Remove and heat the pot, put the hazelnuts in the water twice, put all the ingredients, the water should not be over the meat, stew on the fire, turn off the water after the water is turned on, stew for 2 hours.

  5. Turn off the fire after 2 hours, do not open the cover for 40 minutes! (This way the meat is rotten and boneless).

  6. When you eat, put it in the pot for the induction cooker, open the induction cooker, and eat! !

  7. Remember to eat the soup and don't fall, use the next day! !


The pepper is used when you are soaking. When you cook it, use a handful. If you are willing to eat it, you can put it on the pepper. If you are willing to eat spicy, you can put more pepper. The amount I write here can’t eat spicy. !

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